As a small, social business, RAMA CLEAN is focused on being a leader in the field of services for the family, positively impacting the quality of life for its customers, staff and society at large.
In addition to being a for-profit business, RAMA CLEAN's mission is to promote employment for people in the services sector by providing them with formal, regular and secure work. Among other things, this mission goes along with an awareness of every individual within Albanian society, with the aim of providing local employment, removingthe need to migrate or leave family behind, an essential element for the health and prosperity of any society.
Moreover, RAMA CLEAN is a business with direct local impact, using experience gained in Germany.
Company Mission

 "RAMA CLEAN" Company

Tel:  +355 69 530 6802

email:  ramacleankompani@gmail.com

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Our motive is our key to success: Dedication, Accuracy and Reliability!
Company Mission